Learn languages by reading news in a foreign language

Optimised for wide range of languages

TenWords is optimised for news websites in 10 different languages and list is constantly growing: English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Lithuanian. You can find more details about the news sites TenWords works best with by clicking on each flag above.

Immersive learning experience

Have you tried learning a foreign language online? Have you completed all basic lessons, but still felt that you can't quite use the new language? TenWords is designed exactly for you.

TenWords is built on ideas of exploration, cultural submersion and non-linear learning path. TenWords encourages users to consume online content in a foreign language, track new words and memorise using flashcards.

Learn quicker with help from science

You can track all foreign words you encounter in news articles with TenWords. This helps you to keep track of you vocabulary and also see how you are progressing over time. Additionally, TenWords keeps an internal score for each word depending on how many times you have indicated that you remember the word or not. TenWords merges all of this information and provides individualised learning experience which maximises foreign word retention in your memory.

TenWords helps you to remember more and learn quicker with spaced repetition, statistics and gamification.

Learn on the go

Do you ever wonder if your commute time or time spent waiting in queues could be used to learn something new? The next time you have free time, open TenWords in your mobile phone's browser and practice the words you have collected from news articles previously.

TenWords is fully optimized for mobile devices and provides the same flashcard and memorization features available on the desktop.

Start learning today.